Durian center is an arena where people share information, news and what they learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


    You can meet leaders and cohorts of blockchain
    and cryptocurrencies and share information
    and knowledge with them.
    You can understand future-leading technology
    and services through meetups and fora.


    Experts of blockchain and cryptocurrencies
    can create new jobs and businesses.
    Durian's training courses,
    lectures help you build future businesses and careers.


    You can create new content and business through blockchain and cryptocurrencies with colleagues
    and experts at co-working space of Durian center.


Durian embraces new technologies opening the future and their fruits.
Durian center, the co-working space of Durian, can be used for anyone interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies for learning and business development.

Durian leads the new career landscape through various training programs and license courses.
Durian is the space and platform where visionaries with an eye for future technologies should come and join.
The thrilling future led by blockchain technology starts from here.


  • Jaejoon Park

    Head of Durian Center

    CEO of Tangible software group
    Technology policy director of ICT Hope

  • Tony Choi

    Creative Director, Durian Center

    Advisor for SME department, EBRD
    ICT Consultant, World Bank
    Managing Director, ICT Hope
    Policy Director, Microsoft Korea
    Policy Counsel, SK Telecom

  • Hwanyong Lee

    Technology training counsel, Durian center

    Professor, Department of Software, Aju University
    Director, Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers
    Director, CG&I Society
    Vice-chairperson, Korea Computer Graphics Society
    Managing director, HCI Society of Korea
    KHRONOS Group Academic Contributing Member / Standard Evangelist

Blockchain / Cryptocurrency Professionals Program

You can create new business, project and career by thoroughly understanding blockchain technology and analyzing its impact and cases in sectors.

  • It helps corporations raise the capacity of management strategy, business analysis and new business development
  • It offers consultants an opportunity for creating a new business line and innovation consulting toward the existing businesses
  • It helps experts in professional sectors such as law firm better understand the uniqueness of blockchain-based businesses and their impact.
Curriculum Detail


Open to anyone interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies for learning and business development